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Waste Removal in Barking | Skip Hire vs Wait-and-Load

G & S Waste Management Ltd runs a reliable, efficient rubbish clearance service in Barking and the surrounding East London area. Based in Rainham, we assist domestic, commercial and industrial clients with flexible skip hire services and wait-and-load rubbish removals. Our waste transfer station processes large material volumes in a safe, responsible manner. We even help you decide which service is best suited to your waste removal requirements.


This page compares the different benefits of skip hire and wait-and-load rubbish removals, and provides customers in Barking with the information needed to make good decisions.


The Benefits of Skip Hire


Skip hire is an extremely popular waste removal solution used by domestic customers and commercial clients for a range of different needs. Ideal for managing waste derived from property refurbishments, garage clearances, construction projects and landscaping work, skips come in a range of different sizes. This means that all small, intermediate and large-scale rubbish clearances in Barking can benefit from the services that we provide.


Our smallest skip, in a 5 yard size, is ideal for light volumes of domestic waste. As rubbish removal needs increase, we can supply skips in sizes of up to 40 yards. This unit is perfect for large commercial projects and for small to intermediate-sized industrial clearances.


The main benefits of our skip hire services in Barking include:


  • Different dimensions and sizes available, allowing us to tailor a skip hire package to suit the project. From home DIY work to clearing old stock from business premises, we promise to have a skip available in a suitable size to meet your personal needs
  • We deliver skips directly to properties and sites in the Barking area, and place them in the position of your choice for a faster, more convenient waste removal. If you need to position a skip on the roadside, we apply for the required permits
  • Our company arranges skip hire to your budget and timeframe. We leave you with a skip for as long as you need it. When you need us to perform a rubbish removal, our team comes to site with a new skip for future waste and takes the old one away


Skip hire is a flexible service and suitable for most rubbish clearance projects as long as your home or workspace in Barking has the room required to accommodate one of our units.


The Benefits of Wait-and-Load Rubbish Removals


If having a skip isn’t possible because of permit or space restrictions, or if you would prefer an immediate waste removal, wait-and-load services might be a better option. Our caged vehicles arrive at Barking and East London locations at arranged times and stay onsite while you load waste on board. As soon as everything is on the back of the vehicle, we take your materials back to our waste transfer station in Rainham for processing and recycling.


For those who wish to eliminate labour from their projects completely, we offer a dedicated rubbish clearance service where a 2 or 3 man team does the hard work on your behalf.


  • Wait-and-load rubbish removals are the ideal alternative to skip hire when clearing space for further development is a priority. Domestic properties and small areas of workspace in Barking without space for a skip benefit most from this service
  • If fly tipping is a potential risk at your location, or if other people could use your skip without consent, wait-and-load waste removals eliminate the potential problem of paying for a unit only for somebody else to dump off their own materials at night
  • A wait-and-load service tends to be more flexible for those with a small rubbish clearance project and allows our customers to pick specific times for collections from the Barking area without having to sacrifice much-needed space to a skip


G & S Waste Management Ltd is a trusted name for rubbish removals and we trade as a licenced waste carrier with the relevant authorisation. We offer advice on the most suitable and cost-effective waste removal solutions for your project, and provide skip hire, wait-and-load and rubbish clearance services to give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible.


Visit our website gallery to see us working on previous projects in Barking. G & S Waste Management Ltd also covers the wider East London, Central London and Essex areas.

Call 01708 520 464 to discuss skip hire, wait-and-load services and rubbish clearances in Barking with genuine waste removal specialists.

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