Top 4 Benefits of Using Skip Hire in Dagenham

At G & S Waste Management Ltd, we are champions in successful rubbish removal and have been delivering skip hire in Dagenham since 2014. Our waste removal team is based just 10 minutes away in Rainham and has over 25 years of combined experience in rubbish clearance. Skip hire is an excellent way to remove unwanted rubbish from your domestic or commercial property, especially when undertaking refurbishments, constructions and landscaping projects. On this page, we cover four of the key benefits of hiring a skip.


Reduces your carbon footprint


Skip hire and waste rubbish removal companies such as ourselves, provide a responsible and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of unwanted waste. Rather than rubbish being sent to a landfill a site where it becomes a hazard to the environment, over 80% of the waste we collect from our skips can be recycled.


All the waste we collect during is transported to our own waste transfer station near Dagenham, in Rainham. Our rubbish clearance specialists will then sort through and recycle as much of the waste as possible.


Saves time and money


Hiring a skip means you don’t need to waste time or effort transporting rubbish yourself to a disposal depot or hire additional equipment and vehicles needed for moving large amounts of waste. Using a professional waste removal company such as G & S Waste Management Ltd will help you to complete projects, such as domestic property renovations, quicker too, by allowing you to continuously remove build waste.


Skips are also beneficial for commercial construction sites, where rubbish removal is needed quickly to clear away large amounts of waste. Our skips are designed to hold varying amounts, with 5 yard, 8 yard, 10 yard and 12 yard skip hire available for Dagenham clients.


Creates a safer environment


If you are undertaking any sort of building or landscaping project, whether for domestic or commercial purposes, you will be dealing with large amounts of waste including metal, glass, concrete and green waste. Often some of the rubbish created throughout a project will be hazardous, whether it’s the material itself, the creation of a fire hazard or as a trip hazard for people working on the site.


To create a safe and clean environment free of hazards, it is much more beneficial to hire a skip and have your waste removed by a rubbish clearance company. When a skip has been removed from a Dagenham site for waste removal sorting, it can be brought back or replaced immediately for the effective continuation of your project.




Skip hire is one of the most convenient rubbish removal methods for getting rid of waste quickly, safely and responsibly. Rather than having to carry heavy loads of materials to a vehicle and drive backwards and forwards from the disposal depot, you can have a skip placed right next to your property or construction and removed when required.

No matter where you are in Dagenham or the surrounding East London and Essex areas, G & S Waste Management Ltd can deliver a skip to your location at a time convenient to you. When you’re ready for waste removal, our friendly and professional rubbish clearance team will return promptly.


For fast and efficient skip hire services in Dagenham and the surrounding areas, call G & S Waste Management Ltd today on 01708 520 464.