Environmentally-Friendly Waste Removal in Loughton

As one of the leading rubbish clearance and skip hire companies in Loughton, G & S Waste Management Ltd is committed to clearing the way for a greener, cleaner future. The proper treatment of waste is vital for creating a cleaner and safer environment for people and wildlife, which is why we offer rubbish removal services that are quick, convenient and affordable.


The average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste each year and with an ever-growing population, environmentally-safe methods of waste removal are more important than ever to manage the huge amounts of waste being produced. According to The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, UK households recycled just 44.3% of waste in 2015/2016, a decrease for the first time since records began in 2010. In comparison, other countries such as Switzerland and Germany recycle around 60% of their waste and concerns have been raised about our low recycling rates.


The Importance of Recycling


Using skip hire and professional rubbish clearance services such as wait and load, enables UK homeowners and businesses to recycle large amounts of waste in an environmentally-safe way. When Loughton customers use our effective waste removal solutions, you can feel confident leaving your waste in the hands of a company who are dedicated to protecting the environment and improving recycle rates in the UK.


Conserving Natural Resources


Recycling is vital for conserving our natural resources for future generations. It allows for unwanted waste to be reused numerous times, allowing us to conserve resources such as minerals, wood, coal, oil and gas. Local rubbish removal services and skip hire companies such as G & S Waste Management Ltd, can sort through large amounts of recyclable materials that can be converted into new items.


Reducing Landfill Sizes


By using professional waste removal services in Loughton and recycling your waste in an eco-friendly manner, you also reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. As we produce more and more waste, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the size of landfills throughout the UK and causes a strain on our environment. Recycling as much waste as possible, with the help of skip hire and rubbish clearance services, will help to reduce the size of landfills.


Saving Energy


To make everyday items such as glass bottles and aluminium cans from raw materials on the large scale the UK does, a huge amount of energy is needed from sources such as oil and electricity. When you use eco-friendly rubbish removal methods, the need for manufacturing new items from raw materials decreases. For example, you can save 95% of the energy required to produce an aluminium can when you recycle it.


Where Does Your Waste Go?


G & S Waste Management Ltd deliver effective waste removal and skip hire services for domestic and commercial customers throughout Loughton and the wider Essex and East London areas. All the waste we collect is transported to our own transfer station in Rainham, where it can be sorted and treated by our rubbish clearance experts. We manage large quantities of rubbish, including waste electrical and electronic equipment, recycling over 80% of waste collected during rubbish removal services.


Call 01708 520 464 today to find out more about environmentally-friendly waste removal methods in and around the Loughton area.