Waste Removal in Romford and Essex

Site Waste Management Planning


G & S Waste Management Ltd provide thorough site waste management planning for clients in Romford and the surrounding Essex areas. An efficient tool for managing waste removal in a cost effective and safe way, site waste management plans are designed for commercial and industrial clients undertaking construction projects worth £300,000 or more. SWMP’s are designed to estimate the amount of waste which will be produced and effective methods of rubbish clearance to handle the waste, such as skip hire or wait and load rubbish removal services.


Although no longer a legal requirement for most clients since 2013, some projects still legally need an SWMP to comply with the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certification, used to evaluate the sustainability of a building. Even if your construction is not legally required to have one, SWMP’s are highly recommended and still regularly used by site managers as a cost effective method of managing waste removal.


There are three main benefits for using an SWMP for construction projects in Romford and the wider Essex areas:


Improved Disposal Costs – Organising a safe rubbish clearance plan will improve the sustainability of your construction project and avoid time wasted and money spent on inefficient rubbish removal, such as taking waste to a landfill. Not only will you be avoiding high landfill disposal costs, you’ll be saving time better spent on the task at hand.


Maintaining a Safe Environment – The last thing you want when undertaking a construction project is waste piling up on your site and having nowhere to safely and quickly dispose of it. Using waste removal solutions such as skip hire in Romford gives your team a designated zone for depositing waste and keeping the working environment clear of rubbish.


Increasing Environmental Awareness – SWMP’s increase environmental awareness and promote a more economical approach to constructions, encouraging companies to recycle and minimise the waste being produced. They also decrease the disposal of waste in landfills, instead opting for more economical rubbish clearance options such as skip hire.


What Should an SWMP Contain?


For projects estimated at between £300,000 and £500,000:


• Types of waste removed from the site

• Identity of the person or company who performed the rubbish removal

• The site that the waste is taken to


For projects estimated at over £500,000:


• Types of waste removed from the site

• Identity of the person or company who performed the waste removal and their waste carrier registration number

•  Description of the waste removed

• The site that the waste is taken to

• The environmental permit or exemption held by the site where the material has been taken to


How G & S Waste Management Ltd Can Help


At G & S Waste Management Ltd in Essex, we deliver expert guidance on SWMP’s and help you to keep an up to date record of your rubbish removal, ensuring that you comply with the duty of care for waste. Based in Rainham, we offer skip hire services and wait and load rubbish clearance services throughout Romford and the wider Essex regions.


We keep records of every waste removal service carried out at your site, showing what waste has been removed, the segregation of rubbish and the recycling process. Contact us for more information about our reliable site waste management plans.


To find out more about site waste management plans and to arrange waste removal services or skip hire in Romford and the surrounding Essex areas, call 01708 520 464.