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Rubbish Clearance in Ilford | The Problem with Fly Tipping

Although UK councils offer comprehensive collection services for a range of rubbish removal and recycling, sometimes waste removal needs exceed allowances. Most individuals in Ilford understand their responsibilities to properly dispose of waste in ethical and safe ways. G&S Waste Management help with this through skip hire and other rubbish clearance services. However, some people choose the illegal option of fly tipping as a way to get rid of larger amounts of household, commercial or industrial waste.


Fly tipping refers to illegally dumping waste in various unsuitable locations. Rather than utilising skip hire services or waste removal companies, fly tippers dump rubbish in gardens, fields and streets, hoping they won’t be caught.


The Effect of Fly tipping


There are various risks associated with fly tipping. Unlike professional rubbish clearance, fly-tippers take no account of the appropriate disposal methods of certain materials. This means there could be any kind of harmful or dangerous materials dumped in public spaces in Ilford.


Wildlife can be harmed by poisonous substances found in household goods, while other items, like plastic and wiring, cause suffocation and strangulation risks.


There is also a significant danger to children if proper rubbish removal is not followed. Kids often play on piles of fly-tipped waste because there are no barriers, like skip hire provides. Not only is there a risk of injury, but children can also become trapped in items like old fridges.


By ignoring waste removal regulations, fly-tippers also cause environmental damage. Hazardous substances can seep into the ground, effecting animals and plants, and damaging the wider eco-system.


As well as this, fly tipping has a social impact on neighbourhoods in Ilford. Communities quickly gather a bad reputation for being dirty and shabby when rubbish clearance isn’t in place, while rotting food and other materials attract flies and rodents.


It is clear then why professional rubbish removal is so important. We also provide services for the removal of fly-tipped waste in Ilford, helping return communities to clean and safe standards.


The Cost of Fly tipping


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs estimates that councils spend roughly £4million a month dealing with fly tipping. This money comes from the tax payer and could be put to much better use if proper rubbish clearance methods were followed by everyone.


G&S Waste Management offers affordable skip hire as an ideal solution for waste management of every size project in Ilford, whether you need domestic, commercial or industrial rubbish removal.


The Environment Agency has a 24-hour hotline to report fly tipping in your area. Alternatively, you can inform the police.


Fly tipping harms the environment, wildlife and communities in Ilford. There is no excuse for causing such damage when specialist waste removal services, such as G&S Waste Management deliver, are readily available.

Contact us on 01708 520 464, for advice on all aspects of rubbish removal and to discover our range of specialist waste management services.

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