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We trade as one of the leading skip hire and rubbish clearance companies for the Loughton and the surrounding areas. G & S Waste Management Ltd continually improves its recycling strategies to clear the way for a brighter, cleaner future. The correct treatment of materials derived from our waste removal services is vital for communities, wildlife and ecosystems. This reflects in the standard of our rubbish removal services and the way we process waste on your behalf.

Recycling Rates

Waste management companies in the United Kingdom have a responsibility to uphold recycling rates, and to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill sites.

In comparison, other countries such as Switzerland and Germany recycle around 60% of their waste. Concerns over our own recycling rates make it more important than ever to monitor the impact of our services. G & S Waste Management Ltd believes it is just as important to work with its customers to build a responsible recycling culture, and to help them manage waste ethically from their own domestic rubbish clearances or commercial clearances.

The Importance of Recycling

Skip hire and rubbish removal services, such as wait-and-loads, enable homeowners and businesses in Loughton to recycle large amounts of waste in an environmentally conscious manner. When customers use us for waste removals, they feel confident about leaving their materials in the hands of a company that is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the improvement of recycling rates not just locally, but on a full nationwide scale.

Using our clearance services is the first step towards ethical management of large waste volumes and attainment of the following environmental benefits:

Conserving Natural Resources

Recycling is vital for conserving natural resources for our future generations. It allows for the reuse of unwanted waste numerous times and preserves the availability of wood, coal, oil, gas and minerals. Local waste removal companies, such as G & S Waste Management Ltd, sort through huge volumes of recyclable material each year. Much of our own waste goes back into production to create new items without the use of raw materials.

Waste collected from skips and from our rubbish clearance services is processed at our own waste transfer station in Rainham or at other approved facilities in the region. As much as 90% of material goes back into the secondary production system.

Reducing Landfill Sizes

By using our skip hire and rubbish removal services for projects in Loughton, you have the reassurance of knowing waste gets recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. You also reduce the overall amount of waste reaching landfill. As we produce more and more waste, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage how much of it goes to landfill. Without a sound waste management program, material volumes place a huge strain on landfill sites.

Recycle as much waste as possible with the help of our waste management services, help to reduce landfill use and build a clean tomorrow for our future generations.

Saving Energy

To make everyday items such as glass bottles and aluminium cans from raw materials, it takes a huge amount of energy and more demand for natural resources, including oil and electricity. Sustainable waste removal strategies, like we provide, reduce demand for these resources at the point of manufacture. Did you know that recycling saves up to 95% of the energy required to produce an aluminium can from new?

Even if you insist on dealing with your rubbish yourself, make sure the waste goes to an approved waste transfer station. Your materials still undergo the same processing and recycling methods, and eventually end up as new products.

Ethical Waste Transfer

G & S Waste Management Ltd delivers an ethical service to domestic customers and commercial clients in Loughton and the wider Essex and London areas. Waste collected from rubbish clearances comes back to our transfer station in Rainham, where we sort and process it. We manage large volumes of waste, including electrical and IT equipment, and recycle between 80% and 90% of everything we collect.

Make us a preferred choice for skip hire and rubbish removals and join the growing portfolio of satisfied customers who value the importance of our eco-friendly approach.

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