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Site Waste Management Plans

G & S Waste Management Ltd, located in Rainham, helps clients in nearby Romford and the surrounding areas with thorough site waste management planning. An efficient tool for managing waste removal in a cost-effective and safe manner, a site waste management plan (SWMP) assists commercial and industrial clients working on construction projects in the Romford area with values of £300,000 or more. Your SWMP estimates the amount of waste a job will produce, and plans rubbish clearances through skip hire and manual services.

A wait-and-load service is a good example of manual rubbish removal. While hiring a skip involves manual labour, it is the hirer rather than the hiring company that does the work.

Skip Hire is a service that involves the delivery of a unit to your Romford site which we leave in position for you to fill whereas a rubbish removal sees your waste loaded to a vehicle directly. A rubbish clearance is a service we provide for you and includes labour from our own team. All three of these services are effective and affordable waste removal systems.

Although no longer a mandatory requirement for most of our clients since 2013, there are some projects that still need a SWMP to legally comply with current BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) certification standards (used to evaluate the sustainability of a building). Even when a project doesn’t require a SWMP, it is highly recommended and still regularly used by site managers as a cost-effective method of managing waste removal.

There are three main benefits for using an SWMP for construction projects in Romford, and also for choosing our skip hire, rubbish removal and rubbish clearance services:

Improved Disposal Costs

Organising a safe waste removal plan improves the sustainability of construction projects and avoids time wasted and money spent on inefficient forms of rubbish removal, such as taking waste to landfill. Not only will you avoid higher landfill disposal costs, but you’ll also save time for use in other areas and utilise your employees for more productive work.

You could use money saved to hire a skip or to book in for a rubbish clearance with G & S Waste Management Ltd. Skip hire is one of the most affordable ways to control waste.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

The last thing anybody wants when undertaking a construction project in Romford is waste bulk piling up onsite and having nowhere to safely dispose of it. Using a waste removal service, such as skip hire or a rubbish clearance, gives you the right facilities, a designated zone for depositing waste and a way to keep the working environment clear of rubbish.

Regular rubbish removals keep worksites clean, in good sanitary condition and free from potential hazards that could result in injury to employees and to the public.

Increasing Environmental Awareness

A SWMP increases environmental awareness and promotes a more economical approach to construction work, encouraging companies to recycle and minimise the amount of waste produced. They also decrease the disposal of waste in landfill sites, and promote the use of more economical waste removal options such as skip hire and manual rubbish clearances.

Wherever in Romford you happen to be, G & S Waste Management Ltd combines your SWMP with an effective rubbish removal program for the best possible outcome.

For Projects in the £300,000 and £500,000 Range

For projects over £500,000

At G & S Waste Management Ltd, we deliver expert guidance on SWMP requirements and help you to keep an up-to-date record of waste removal. This ensures you comply with the Duty of Care for waste. Based in Rainham, we offer affordable skip hire and wait-and-load rubbish clearance services throughout Romford and the wider Essex and London areas.

We keep records of all rubbish removal services performed at your site which show the type of waste removed, the segregation methods used and where your waste goes for recycling.

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