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Never Throw These Items in the Bin!

It’s easy to be lazy and toss products in the bin we know we shouldn’t. Someone else will sort them out, right? This approach to household rubbish removal isn’t doing the environment or landfill sites any good, so why do it? Regardless of where you’re living in Dagenham, Epping, Essex, Central London or East London, there’s a recycling centre close by to take the products you shouldn’t place in your household bin.

If you’re unsure about any form of domestic or commercial rubbish clearance or skip hire, contact G&S Waste Management Ltd. Our blog also contains plenty of useful information, such as a guide to commercial waste removal and an explanation of WEEE recycling.

Items That Shouldn’t Go in the Bin


Electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and televisions contain hazardous materials like lead, mercury and cadmium. These items should not be thrown in the bin as they can leach toxic substances into the environment. Many recycling centres and electronic retailers have e-waste collection programmes to ensure proper recycling and disposal. Alternatively, G&S Waste Management can take care of e-waste, so talk to our rubbish removals team about collections.

Light Bulbs

The older ‘incandescent’ light bulbs are not suitable for recycling, although the newer energy-efficient ones can be brought to collection points in various outlets. Fluorescent tube lighting contains gas, so must be disposed of correctly.


Throwing any form of drugs in the bin or down the toilet can harm aquatic life. Unopened, unused and expired medicine should be returned to a pharmacy, along with inhalers as they contain gases. The cardboard packaging is easily recycled.

Motor Products

Never throw away oil, petrol, diesel or any form of fluid used for vehicles. Like batteries, the chemicals can cause harm to the soil or water supplies, so require specialist waste removal. Your garage may take it back, or you can check with your local recycling centre or rubbish clearance expert in the Dagenham area.

Unused Paint

Paint is poisonous and flammable, so leftover paint should be brought to a recycling centre. We recommend allowing the liquid to completely dry out before disposing of it appropriately. Make sure the centre takes both metal and plastic paint tins first.

Used Batteries

Because they contain cadmium, mercury and nickel, batteries need to be disposed of correctly so the chemicals don’t leach into the landfill’s soil or water system. The majority of supermarkets now have receptacles for used batteries.

Hazardous Waste

Items such as pesticides, fertilisers, cleaning chemicals and other toxic substances should never be thrown in the household bin. These materials can contaminate soil, and water sources, and pose risks to sanitation workers. Check with your local recycling centre or hazardous waste collection facility for proper disposal options.

Sharp Objects

Broken glass, ceramics or sharp metal objects should not be placed loose in regular household waste. These items can tear rubbish bags and cause injuries to waste handlers. Wrap them securely in thick layers of newspaper or place them in puncture-proof containers before disposing of them.

Construction Debris

Waste generated from home renovations, construction projects or DIY activities should not be included in regular household waste. Materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, wood and plasterboard require specialised disposal methods. Contact your local waste management facility or arrange skip hire to handle construction debris appropriately.

Large Appliances

Items like refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and other large appliances should not be discarded in regular bins. These appliances often contain harmful refrigerants, oils or electrical components that require proper handling. Many areas offer rubbish clearance or recycling programmes specifically for large appliances, so make sure to enquire about local disposal options. You can also contact a professional waste removal company.

What Can’t Go in a Skip?

Skip hire is an excellent rubbish removal option for home and office clearances and construction projects in the Dagenham area. However, as with household bins, it’s important to be careful of what you put in a skip.

Harmful and hazardous items cannot be thrown away in a skip, including:

Why Take Care?

Even a small change to your recycling habits can go a long way. If we all make an effort when it comes to rubbish clearance, we can create a healthier environment for future generations. It won’t happen overnight, but it’s a start. 

At G&S Waste Management, we can take care of commercial and office rubbish removal services, WEEE disposal, and site waste management. We also specialise in skip hire and general waste removal. 

In business for over ten years and serving Dagenham and the surrounding areas, we’re a leading name in the campaign to keep our environment clean by being more conscious of our actions and focusing on encouraging our clients to help.

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