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How to Get Your Colleagues Recycling in the Office

Are you working in an office environment with minimal recycling efforts and no solid waste removal plan? Are there reams of paper stacked up everywhere with bins overflowing with discarded files? So much can be done to reduce this waste to practically nothing if you’re willing to take the initiative and inspire your colleagues to help make a difference.

G&S Waste Management Ltd is on hand to help. We recommend starting afresh in the office with an initial rubbish clearance, which our team can undertake. We specialise in commercial rubbish removal and skip hire for clients in Hornchurch and the surrounding areas, recycling the majority of the waste and disposing of the rest appropriately.

Keep reading to discover our tips for increasing office recycling. You can find even more advice in our blog, including tips for recycling at home and poor waste management issues across the globe.

Recycling Bins

One of the best ways to get more people recycling at work is to introduce a range of clearly labelled bins for each of the following:

Do you think your colleagues would be interested in composting? If so, these items could be collected:

Certain foods can’t be composted, such as baked goods or takeaway products. Leave a sign near the composting bin to ensure the office staff know what’s suitable and what’s not.

Larger Rubbish Clearances

Is your office in Hornchurch planning upgrades, a renovation, relocation or another project which will produce a lot of waste? If so, you should arrange professional rubbish removal to minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

Reputable waste removal companies like G&S Waste Management responsibly collect rubbish, recycling as much as possible. This reduces the environmental impact of any works undertaken at your office. We offer a range of rubbish clearance services to suit your needs, including skip hire and wait-and-load services.

Small Changes in the Office

There are various small changes businesses can make to reduce waste, such as:

Promotional Products

If your Hornchurch company has a range of corporate products for staff and clients – pens, caps, t-shirts etc. – why not introduce travel mugs, water bottles, and lunch boxes? Using items like these reduces waste by a considerable amount annually.

Paperless Environment

Do you need to print out so many reports? Can you get your clients to sign forms digitally? For companies that issue invoices and order forms, switch to online services where possible. You may not be able to do this overnight, but steps can easily be taken to reduce the amount of paper your office uses. In the meantime, print on both sides of the paper where possible and use draft-quality printing options.

Why Not Upcycle?

Don’t throw out empty files or reams of paper just because the wrapper is torn and the first few pages are ripped. Set up a cupboard with items that can be used again. If you are carrying out a large rubbish clearance, donate whatever you can or list items for free online. As well as reducing waste, this can save on skip hire costs.

If you recently installed a new printer, what did you do with the old cartridges? Could a colleague have used them up? Place a sign over every general waste bin to encourage staff to think before disposing of materials or office equipment.

More Tips for a Greener Office

The above are no good if people don't put in the effort. Consequently, it's important to educate and motivate employees or colleagues. To this end, here are some more tips for creating a greener office:

Based in Rainham, G&S Waste Management is on hand to offer flexible skip hire options and commercial rubbish clearance services. In fact, we deal with the majority of waste removal jobs in Hornchurch and the surrounding areas. 

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