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Waste Management Problems in the Most Unusual Places on Earth

As skip hire specialists, we take our approach to rubbish clearance and waste removal extremely seriously at G&S Waste Management Ltd. Unfortunately, we can’t provide rubbish removal everywhere, but we do look after a considerable amount of clients in Brentwood, Chigwell and the surrounding areas, including Essex, Central London and East London.

While most of us focus on using our household bins correctly and availing of skip hire in order to carry out house clearances, for example, there are areas of our planet where waste management is being ignored. And you’ll be quite surprised at one of the locations.

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Examples of Poor Waste Management

North American Continent

Canada produces the largest amount of solid waste per person globally, while American households only recycle 35% of their rubbish. Overall the US is responsible for almost 8.5 billion metric tons of annual waste, with New York a leading culprit.

Illegal or Temporary Slums

Overcrowded and unsafe, almost a quarter of the world’s urban population is based in these unhygienic areas. Skip hire or professional rubbish removal is not even considered, leading to poor living conditions, unnecessary injuries, and fatal diseases.

Global Beaches

When you leave your home in Chigwell to spend a day at the beach, do you consider taking rubbish bags to clean up after yourself? Many don’t, expecting the local authority to pay for waste removal and leaving our country’s beautiful coastline littered with everything from ring pulls to nappies.


The air around the Russian capital carries a degree of toxic waste due to overflowing landfill sites and no recycling policy. Sub-par rubbish clearance has also led to concern over the standard of tap water, with many opting to drink bottled water instead.


Just over five years ago, the capital was recycling only half of the waste produced. Now this figure has significantly risen thanks to new initiatives, but the problems are still there, with over 400kg of waste generated per person annually.

Mount Everest

Surprised? It’s one of the largest dumping grounds in the world due to the amount of oxygen tanks and general waste the mountaineers leave behind. This is a sacred monument to many, yet it’s currently home to approximately 30 tonnes of rubbish. After all, rubbish removal companies can’t operate on a mountainside.

With China placing a ban on the importation of waste products, there is a global crisis that remains on the rise. We can all do our best to help by recycling as often as possible and paying attention to the guidelines issued by local authorities and professional waste management companies. 

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Small-Scale Waste Removal

While there’s nothing we can do about waste management issues on the other side of the world and in far-flung places, there are steps we can all take to minimise our impact and improve waste control in our local areas.

As well as making use of local rubbish and recycling collections, homes and businesses should consider professional rubbish removal or skip hire services for larger amounts of waste. Reputable rubbish clearance companies will ensure all waste is suitably disposed of, with as much recycled as possible.

Other ways to effectively manage your waste include:

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