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Benefits of Skip Hire and Rubbish Clearance Services

At G & S Waste Management Ltd, we specialise in waste removal and have led the way as a reputable waste management company for the Dagenham area since 2014. Located a mere 10 minutes from Rainham, we have over 25 years of combined experience in rubbish clearances. Skip hire is an excellent way to manage a domestic or commercial rubbish removal, especially on clearance, refurbishment, construction and landscaping projects across the South East region.

On this page, we cover four of the key benefits to hiring a skip.

Skip hire is an effective waste removal option for anybody in the Dagenham area who has small, intermediate and large-scale waste management needs. Because we supply skips in sizes of up to 40 yards, there is never a rubbish removal job that’s ever too big for us.

We also perform rubbish collections through a dedicated wait-and-load service.

Please contact us for a quotation or to discuss the right size of skip for your project or refer to our FAQs for further information about our company and its services.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Skip hire and waste removal companies offer an ethical, responsible and environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted material. Instead of sending rubbish to a landfill site, where it becomes a hazard to the environment, we recycle more than 80% of the waste we collect from our skips. Very few similar services can match this for positive environmental impact, and this is what makes it such a popular choice with our customers.

We transport waste collected from Dagenham to our waste transfer station in Rainham, where our rubbish clearance specialists process and recycle as much material as possible. Ultimately, using a skip reduces the overall impact of your personal carbon footprint.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a skip means you never need to waste time or effort transporting material to a depot or damaging your own vehicle when moving large volumes of waste. Using the services of a professional waste removal company helps you to easily manage projects. We continuously remove waste as each skip fills. We can provide skip hire services on a same-day or next-day basis and bring new units to site as you need them to make rubbish clearances simple.

Skips are especially beneficial on construction sites where clients need a fast form of rubbish removal to keep workspaces clear of health and safety risks. We have 5-yard to 40-yard units available and we make daily deliveries to Dagenham as a genuine waste management specialist.

Create a Safer Environment

If you are planning a building or landscaping project, domestic or commercial, you will deal with a range of different material including metal, glass, concrete and green waste. Some of the waste created during rubbish clearance projects in Dagenham is hazardous, whether it’s the material itself, creation of a fire risk or the accumulation of waste to leave a tripping hazard for people working onsite. We help to make rubbish removals a safer proposition.

For a clean working environment free from hazards, it is beneficial to use a skip hire service or to have waste removed by a rubbish clearance company through wait-and load services. When we remove skips from Dagenham sites, we take them back to our waste transfer station and leave new units onsite for simple and effective continuation of each project.

Enjoy More Convenience

Skip hire is one of the industry’s most convenient waste removal methods and a perfect way to clear sites of material in a fast, safe and responsible manner. Rather than having to carry heavy loads to a vehicle and drive to and from the disposal depot, you can have skips placed on or next to your workspace and then call us for a prompt rubbish removal when required.

Subject to availability, we can have new skips with you on the very same day that you call.

No matter where in Dagenham or the surrounding East London area you happen to be, G & S Waste Management Ltd can deliver skips to any location at times convenient to a project. When you’re ready for new unit, our rubbish clearance team always reacts quickly. We never leave customers and clients without an effective means of waste removal.

For fast and efficient skip hire services in Dagenham and the surrounding areas, call the waste removal specialists at G & S Waste Management Ltd on 01708 520 464.

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